Oil company ADNOC cuts diesel prices in northern emirates

The national oil company Abu Dhabi (ADNOC) decided to reduce diesel prices outside the capital of the emirate by 20 fils per 1 liter.

This decision entered into force on June 12, 2012, and a liter of diesel fuel outside the emirate of Abu Dhabi now costs 3.10 dirhams (US $ 0.8) instead of 3.30 dirhams (US $ 0.9).

It should be noted that ADNOC Distribution, which acquired 74 gas stations in the northern emirates of its closest competitor, Emarat, controls most of its oil production and refining at its two refineries located in the Ruwais and Umm-Nar districts Nar).

Recall that over the course of several years, diesel prices in the UAE underwent sharp changes, which depended on the situation in the oil market. The last time they were raised in the northern emirates in March of this year by 20 fils per liter.

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