Al ain

Included in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, this city is the "greenest" on the Arabian Peninsula. You can get here from Dubai yourself by bus, every hour departing from Al-Gubayba bus station (ticket price is 20 drx). In one and a half to two hours, you will see shady gardens blooming all year round, spread over many kilometers.

The city is alsoAmenit with its historical monuments and cultural and entertainment centers. These include the Natural History Museum (tel. (03) 761 2277) and the Al Ain Museum (tel. (03) 764 1595). This is the old fort, built 175 years ago by the Al Nahyan family, whose members subsequently became the rulers of the country, and the city university, and the Fun City amusement park. In addition, there is a large camel farm.

Al Ain Zoo

The largest menagerie not only in the UAE, but throughout the Middle East. Here are collected exotic animals not only in Arabia (including gemsboks), but also the rest of the world. Animals can be seen in natural enclosures, and fish in a huge aquarium.

Phone (03) 782 8188.

Buraimi Market

They sell meat, fruits and household goods, however, in this market there are several shops where you can find Omani jewelry made of silver, as well as traditional daggers (hanjar) of Omani work.

Healy Gardens

This park in the northern part of the city will allow you to take refuge in the shade and enjoy the coolness of numerous fountains. It arose around a copy of an ancient tomb - an oval-shaped structure made of limestone.

Healy Fan City

This is an amusement park with an indoor ice rink, a tourist train and a number of other activities for parents and children.

East fort

The place where Sheikh Zayed was born is now turned into one of the best museums in the UAE. An exhibition of old photographs will let you know how Al Ain has changed since the 1960s. There is also an exhibition of archaeological excavations and a collection of ancient weapons. You can learn a lot about the animal and plant world of the oasis, as well as the traditional Bedouin lifestyle.

Fort Al Handak

He is considered perhaps the oldest in the UAE - he is about 400 years old. Free admission. Open from 8.00 to 18.00 (on Thursdays and Fridays with a break of 13.00-16.00).

Mount Jebel Hafeet

This is the highest point in the UAE (1163 m). A serpentine of a wide asphalt road leads to its top. From there, a breathtaking view of the desert and oasis opens. Just below the observation deck is the palace of the UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed.

Camel market

If you don’t scarethere are pleasant smells, you should definitely call here (it is only 5 km from the center of Al Ain). You will see the disappearing spirit of old Arabia: camels, gently licking newborn children, strict male dads and desperately bargaining buyers and sellers. Camel prices start at 500 dirhams, and the price of an adult (not a race) camel is measured in tens of thousands. The market runs from dawn to dusk with a break for the hot time of the day.

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