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Tell us about your latest Spring-Summer 2015 collection.

Massimo: I have been thinking about this collection for the past three years. I was deeply struck by the book Freedom by American writer Jonathan Franklin. It tells about the love of freedom. The main character loves birds ... Of course, this is another deja vu in the fashion world, but nevertheless I decided to symbolically take the birds as the basis of the print and combine them with the slogans about liberalism!

Why freedom?

Massimo: When my client buys a sweatshirt or dress from MSGM, then this thing becomes part of his lifestyle. We associate the objects we love with our worldview. Not everyone decides to wear torn denim, and someone does not like to be “wrapped” in a pencil skirt. I would like my brand to be understood and known that we carry a certain message. The Spring-Summer 2015 collection, for example, is about freedom, love of life and happiness. Look at some models of this collection: the birds seem to be enclosed in a “cage” of tulle and are trying to break out and find freedom ... A person should feel freedom and value it. Everyone deserves this - this is the "truth" of the collection, as well as creativity - it cannot be "driven" into a certain framework.

How do you keep in touch with the art community in the world?

Massimo: Literally 24 hours a day! Magazines, Internet, blogs, Twittter, Facebook, Instagram. In the latter, I spend at least 2-3 hours a day. I love him. It gives me absolute freedom to decide who I want to be subscribed to and how I want to build my news feed. I like to follow my favorite actor - please, I want to be in the thick of fashion events - no problem. You are connected to the whole world, 24 hours online!

Well - you have a whole story with bloggers!

Massimo: Oh yes, and in truth, I am grateful to bloggers for such an interest in my brand. After all, bloggers "discovered" the clothes from MSGM earlier than the editors! Therefore, the brand has a strong street-style spirit. Street style has played a big role in our history. Brian Boy, Ciara Ferragni, Suzy Bubble - 4 years ago, these star bloggers began to cultivate the brand among their fans.

Is street-style important to you today?

Massimo: I’m not afraid to even say that this is the main criterion for MSGM. To see a thing on the pages of a magazine is one thing, and it’s quite another to observe how it integrates and turns into a person’s everyday style. I am delighted when I see the silhouettes of my models on the streets of New York, London or Tokyo. It is important for me that street-style is as realistic as possible, and not far-fetched.

I noticed that in almost every collection you use shades of yellow.

Massimo: This is my favorite color! Look, I even have a yellow watch. It seems that there are only a few versions of Rolex in such a canary color in the world. I like all shades of yellow - pastel, neon, lemon. I am grateful to fluorescent yellow, because at the very beginning of his career he helped me a lot. It was the 2010 spring collection. I was very scared: no one, not even Miu Miu, designed the collections in yellow or orange. I thought: “Well then, let no one buy.” However, on the contrary, everyone really liked it. A year later, I again used this color in a new collection of sweatshirts - and another success! Since then, yellow has become the backbone of the MSGM brand. In the fashion industry, there is an important rule - to guess the trend. Whoever succeeds first is the trendsetter.

How much does music influence your work?

Massimo: The MSGM brand has electronic "sounding" because I get ideas from lyrics and melodies. While working on the latest collection, I constantly listened to the track "Psychotropic Berlin". It is performed by the first French indie rock band La Femme. They are Parisians, and their melodies remind me of summer. "Psychotropic Berlin" is a mood, a march, a statement that I am me, accept me as I am ... Music helps a lot!

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