An oasis of priceless treasures in the endless desert

In the heart of the Dubai desert, under the cover of sand dunes, where for tens of kilometers there is not a soul around, real miracles can happen.

It was in such an unusual place that the incredible Gianna Akayevskaya, a jewelry designer who knows everything about precious stones, opened for me an amazing world of aristocratic treasures. Here she gave me a lot of professional and personal revelations, as well as a fantastic gift and a whole ocean of inspiration.

Gianna is the heroine of my program, which for many years has been building her own beautiful palace Bourges and singing it in her craft. Being a true creator, this incredible person, I am sure, is able to build entire worlds and universes from several precious stones. After all, she wholeheartedly loves her work and knows everything about him.

In an authentic atmosphere, with a cup of real Arabic coffee with cardamom, Gianna shows me rare and fascinating works. Just like that, from the folds of her dress, she extracts the ancient emerald cabochon from Colombia, 120 carats. It was found in the last century. Prayer texts are engraved on one side and flower ornaments on the other.

The miracles that unfold before my eyes in a place fantastic in its beauty make me believe that I ended up in that very legendary Sand Atlantis. This is a lost city, which, as I want to believe, majestically towered somewhere in the vast desert and was as bright and wonderful as the jewelry collections of my companion.

As enthusiasts try to recreate the ancient sandy city literally from nothing, relying only on imagination, and Gianna once invented her very first collection. For many creative people, Dubai’s luxury is inspiration. My heroine agrees with this. She loves to remember how bold ideas were born while she walked along the beach of the beautiful seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab.

Our leisurely conversation takes place in a comfortable setting: chic Moroccan dresses, a large SUV and the sand dunes of the Dubai desert. In this magical setting, Gianna shows me a blue aquamarine, a talisman of true love, protecting friendship and preserving justice, an amulet of conjugal happiness and prosperity in life. Following are chic hourglass cufflinks with black diamonds inside instead of sand. This designer's work perfectly reflects her philosophy.

"My goal is to decorate the world in which I live now. I will not be in many years, and my things will remain for centuries and will be filled with a small museum that Dzhanna Akayevskaya will show the world at one time," she argues and asks me to keep memory tiger's eye. Legends say that wearing a tiger's eye is the key to health and spiritual well-being. This stone provides the owner with insight and serves as a defender in the conduct of many cases. Gianna, of course, knows this very well.

Muslims believe that Allah endowed a legendary person named Khizir with wisdom and the ability to manage time. If the echoes of these miracles are accessible to the mortal, then without any doubt they should be sought in creativity. I see timelessness and eternity in this desert, in love for the beautiful, in the stunning works of art that appear in the hands of my interlocutor.

Time is sand that oozes through your fingers.
I know for sure that it’s not in vain that I try.
Palms closed and the sand held up,
Only now time is running, as it was running.
Bourges is my palace that I am building
I try to leave memory to people
The jewel of the moment I want to convey ...


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