The most massive wedding in history will be held in the UAE

Immediately 530 emirate men and women will undergo the ceremony of marriage as part of the most massive wedding in the United Arab Emirates.

Al Ain will host the most massive wedding in history. 530 Emirate men and women will be bound by marriage on November 25.

The ceremony will be part of the celebration of the 46th National Day of the country.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rakadh Al Amiri, a member of the Advisory Board of Abu Dhabi and former chairman of the Marriage Fund Affairs Committee, said the initiative aims to reduce wedding spending for youth.

"The mass wedding will be held in accordance with the wise and fair approach established by the founding father Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan," said Sheikh Mohammed bin Rakadh.

He noted that the late Sheikh Zayed instructed him to organize and hold the first mass wedding in Al Ain in 1999.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the organizing committee, Dhab Muhammad bin Rakadh, said that registration for the event is still open, and the number of people wishing to participate in the mass wedding is likely to increase.

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