For those who choose the best!

Without interruption, in a short break, a decision is made to go, wrest a few days of bliss ... and now there is a plane, a gangway, a limousine, manners, courtesy, haute cuisine, heavy curtains, breakfast in your room in silver, an important concierge, plans for the evening, cold the sound of the piano in the lobby, the prestigious address of the hotel on a matchbox ... Hello, the magical world of the United Arab Emirates!

Royal Crown has been operating for 2 years in the UAE's hot market. Whether it is a lot or not is a secondary issue, but in this relatively short time the company has achieved excellent results, which it can already be proud of. After all, VIP tourism, which is developing so quickly in Russia and the CIS countries, is an exclusive product, and Royal Crown has dedicated itself to this area.

The company specializes in an "individual product" for thoughtful, independent and people who value freedom of choice, for those who value quality, luxury, comfort and a high level of service. VIP clients are very wealthy and prosperous people, they have already seen a lot. When preparing an exclusive tour, this circumstance obliges us to a great deal, as a VIP-class vacation is not only about luxury hotels, impeccable service and the highest level of security, the main thing is the development of an exclusive route, taking into account the individual wishes and needs of each client.

The secret to the company's success lies in understanding the preferences of its high-ranking customers. Work on the tour here begins with the collection of information about the client, the experience of his previous travels, the delicate research of his habits, personal addictions and tastes. In accordance with the information received, a new travel scenario is drawn up. And already on the basis of carefully worked out material an individual tourist route is created. The range of VIP-services is unlimited: 24-hour concierge service, private transfer, personal guide, private jet or yacht rental, organization of exclusive holidays, ordering the best rooms in first-class hotels (the list of services can be continued, it all depends on the imagination and prerogatives in ordering a respected client )

Holidays in the UAE are an absolute and undeniable luxury! A modern country with the most excellent conditions for relaxation: the cleanest sea and golden sands, hundreds of elegant hotels, the best boutiques and shopping centers, exotic markets, desert safaris and sea cruises, the best restaurants and night clubs, water parks and SPA centers, unique jewelry gold jewelry and antiques.

To get to know this amazing country, Royal Crown specialists guarantee you a multi-genre vacation: - with children ... or just together, a business trip at the highest level, or a corporate trip, exhibitions and business trips, horse racing, great shopping or evening outings. There is nothing impossible! You don’t need to think about anything, and you do not need to control anything. Royal Crown's experienced specialists take care of everything to the smallest detail. An easy-going team will enthusiastically take on the realization of any voiced desire and fulfillment of the most incredible whims of the client. This year, Royal Crown has expanded its range of activities by opening a license to sell luxury real estate. Now wealthy guests can successfully invest in the purchase of a villa, luxury office, apartments, townhouses or penthouses.

Entrust your dreams and aspirations to Royal Crown - and you will never regret the money spent on fulfilling your dream.

An extraordinary journey is always waiting for you in the company with Royal Crown: the highest quality of service, confidentiality and comfort!

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