Vladimir and Kristina balance

The guests of the last Dubai Shopping Festival remember well the ice performance "The Snow Queen". The main roles in it were played by Vladimir Ganesh and Kristina Sharygina. They are ideally suited to each other both in character and in terms of technology. Meanwhile, choosing an ice partner is always difficult: all the little things are important here, right down to the method of lacing the skate.

But the guys were lucky: a good coach Lyudmila Kalenyuk, a master of sports from Ukraine, works with them. Not so long ago, Lyudmila decided that her students had time to go out on ice in pairs. This is the most difficult thing in figure skating - especially if you take into account that the participants in the performance are from 5 to 35 years old. It takes 2-3 months to set up a short program alone.
Nevertheless, over the past few years, the ice arena has seen many different shows, including the ones that Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, and Once Upon a Time in Dubai have loved. They all differed in interesting ideas of directors, bright costumes - and, of course, the skill of the athletes themselves. It is no accident that Vladimir Ganesh won twice at the UAE Open Figure Skating Championship.

Now, another festival has begun in Dubai - Summer Surprises. Therefore, July 4-8, Al Nasr Leisureland invites everyone to the premiere of a new ice show. It is called "Mulan" and is also staged by Lyudmila Kalenyuk. Athletes from Ukraine, Russia, France, Japan participate in it. The main roles in “Mulan” are played by Vladimir Ganesh, representing Russia, and Kristin Saab from Japan.
In addition to staging ice shows and training, Lyudmila's team prepares for various competitions all year round. As in previous years, athletes go to conquer America (US Open), Thailand (Skate Asia 2005) and Russia (Russian Cup 2005). It remains to wish all members of the team a successful performance.
By the way, the skating rink is open to all who want to learn figure skating. Children over 5 years old can take lessons from sports masters.

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