Retro is back. And wins!

Once again confirming the regularity of the fashion cycle in nature, the bouffant and romantic strands from the 1970s returned to the catwalks of the world this season. To help simple mortal girls keep up with global fashion houses, Philips, represented by Phillips Haircare art director Andy Uffels, gives us detailed instructions on how to make fashionable spring / summer 2009 hairstyles at home.

The main thing.

“In order for any hairstyle to turn out to be one hundred percent, the condition of the hair is very important: they must look healthy and shine. A good hair dryer, for example, the latest Philips product, Phillips Salon Dry Pro AC Ceramic, can help. the hair dryer blows the air, it becomes more docile and smoother, and 2000 watts of hair dryer power can significantly reduce drying time.Not for nothing we call the Phillips Salon Dry Pro AC Ceramic hairdryer, which hairdressers like to use at home - it gives maximum power and result with minimal hair damage. "

"Big fleece."

It has significantly changed outwardly since the time of the perestroika giant bangs, set almost vertically by liters of varnish, and now it can be of different sizes and shapes. At the Oscar de la Renta shows, the fleece was large and voluminous, at Max Mara and YSL - neatly romantic, at Fendi and Luella - extravagant, futuristic and disheveled. The bouffants looked best on blondes, from Gucci to Alessandro Dell Aqua and Anna Sui, but also for brunettes there are many chances - the main thing is that the bouffant should be shiny, smooth and voluminous.

Who wears fleece?

“Girls are bold and attention-loving, girls are stylish, bold, rock-adoring. Heidi Klum, Gwen Stefani and Scarlett Johansson are big fans of fleece, despite the constant changes in fashion trends.”

What kind of clothes does the fleece fit?

"This season, the fleece will perfectly complement both the cocktail dress and jeans with a fashionable T-shirt."

Step-by-step instruction

Step 1. Wash and dry your hair with a towel. Apply mousse with light (soft) fixation.

Step 2. With the tip of a comb, draw a line in the shape of a horseshoe on the top of the head, banging the separated hair at the top.

Step 3. Dry the remaining strands one by one with a Phillips Salon Dry Pro AC Ceramic hair dryer using a medium-sized round comb.

Step 4. When the strands are ready, release the chopped hair and divide it into three sections, and then dry it, raising it at the roots for more volume.

Step 5. Collect the hair from the side sections (without touching the section on the crown) and fasten them from behind into a high ponytail. To make the hair look softer, use a comb of natural bristles and warm them again with a hairdryer.

Step 6. Gently pulling the hair back, and a little smoothing it at the roots, give the form and support for combing. Put the locks on the tail so as to cover the hairpin of the tail.

"Love story in the style of the 70s"

The soft waves of hair, falling to the chest, have been loved by romantic and gentle ladies since the 1970s. Perfectly suitable for light summer dresses, the trend was on the catwalks of Gucci, like a hairstyle expanding downward, at the shows of Louis Vuitton - coupled with a pile, and in Miss Sixty and Ossie Clark - in volumetric performance.

Who wears hairstyles in the style of the 70s?

"Absolutely everything - such a hairstyle makes any girl tender! Best of all, Brazilian fashion models have mastered this trend, for example, Rosa Cha and Daniela Borges."

What clothes is suitable for?

“The hairstyle is perfect for chiffon blouses that are fashionable this season, pulled at the waist with bright belts, and complemented by massive bracelets.”

Step-by-step instruction

Step 1. Wash your hair and dry it with a Phillips Salon Dry Pro AC Ceramic hair dryer, straightening with a comb, but not touching the roots.

Step 2. Make a parting in the middle and dry the roots, pressing hair at a distance of 5 cm on each side of the parting and directing them forward

Step 3. Separate the front part without raising the roots (the hair at the roots should remain flat), and then straighten all the back strands from the roots to the ends with the Phillips SalonStraight Pro XL hair straightener.

Step 4. Grab the sections on both sides of the face with an iron at the level of the cheekbones and slightly twist the iron inward, pulling the strands

Step 5. To give movement, once again go through all the sections and slightly “wind” the tips with the iron.

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