Room Procedure: Caviar Rejuvenating Treatment

The Marie France Bodyline Beauty Salon offers a unique new facial treatment in the fall - Caviar Rejuvenating Treatment with caviar-based cosmetic products.

This unique anti-aging treatment moisturizes, restores, tightens and softens the skin of the face, thanks to the strength of protein-rich caviar with powerful antioxidants and the work of a professional therapist. The exclusive procedure, during which acupuncture acupuncture massage is carried out, visibly renews the skin and softens fine wrinkles, while the revolutionary Caviar Matrix Mask fills the skin with nutrients that rejuvenate, moisturize and tone it. As a result, a radiant and healthy skin.

The main advantages of this procedure: the skin receives all the necessary anti-aging nutrients; antioxidants contained in the cleanser, toner, masks and creams slow down the aging process - sagging and sagging skin becomes toned and younger. After passing this procedure, the number of visible wrinkles is noticeably reduced, the level of skin pigmentation is reduced, collagen production is increased.

Caviar-based cosmetics help lighten and tighten the skin, breathe freshness and energy into it, restoring the general condition of the skin and its natural radiance. During the procedure, more than 11 (!) Various cosmetic products are applied to the face, and the drier the skin, the more gratefully it absorbs the substances it needs.

After Caviar Rejuvenating Treatment, the skin looks more youthful and elastic, it is completely moisturized, and dry-skin type becomes softer and silky to the touch, thanks to moisturizing ingredients that help restore water balance, retain and retain moisture in all layers of the skin. You do not like your reflection in the mirror? Caviar and specialists from the Marie France Bodyline Salon in Dubai will come to the rescue.

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