UAE relies on eco-tourism

The United Arab Emirates is going to make every effort to further develop eco-tourism.

The UAE aims to make great strides in eco-tourism by expanding the number of specially protected areas, said Dr. Tani Al Zeyudi, Minister for Climate Change and the Environment, on the eve of World Environment Day, which is celebrated on Monday, June 5.

“The UAE has formed natural territories, developed hundreds of natural sites, created tourist resorts around the most important natural and historical areas as part of urban development plans, and invested in the development of eco-tourism,” he said.

There are 43 officially protected areas in the country, which occupy more than 14% of the UAE, which exceeds the target set by the National Biodiversity Strategy for 2015-2021.

This year’s World Environment Day theme is “Connecting People to Nature.” This reflects the role of man as a cornerstone in development, awareness of the importance of life in harmony with nature and the rational use of natural resources.

“The country has tried to provide adequate protection in many areas on land and in seas that are environmentally vulnerable or historically significant, so that they can withstand natural and artificial problems and challenges,” said Dr. Al Zeyudi.

He also emphasized the importance of raising youth awareness of the conservation of the environment and natural resources.

“We have opened many museums dedicated to history and nature. In addition, the government organizes festivals, competitions and exhibitions on heritage throughout the year in addition to conducting information campaigns on the economic, social and environmental importance of natural resources, ”he said.

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