Louis Vuitton on Facebook and iphone

The famous French brand Louis Vuitton was the first luxury brand to develop the fully integrated digital communication strategy, The Art of Traveling from Louis Vuitton. The launch of the new strategy has already begun on the social network Twitter, and the website for fans of the brand was launched on Facebook in June 2009 (www.facebook.com/louisvuitton). It should be noted that on the day of the release of news on Louis Vuitton products, at least 850 thousand Internet users from around the world visit the page.

In October 2009, Louis Vuitton, once again securing a reputation as a pioneer in the development of new “territories” in the high-tech world, was the first among brands selling exclusive bags, suitcases, fashionable clothes and accessories, conducted an online broadcast of the fashion show on Facebook. The show was able to watch over 700 thousand people, who then left very positive reviews about this action. In addition, as part of its strategy, Louis Vuitton launched a permanent channel on Youtube.com in November last year, located at www.youtube.com/louisvuitton

Of recent events, it is worth mentioning the live broadcast of the new Fall-Winter 2010-2011 Louis Vuitton new women's clothing collection on Facebook, which was also available on iPhone.

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