I love you my old garden

The whole earth is warmed with warmth ... Summer! The most favorite summer holiday, beach holiday season has come. The best part about him is that you can finally hang your tired business suits away in a closet and get out of it - dresses, blouses, skirts, shorts, sandals, hats, scarves and wicker baskets. In a word, everything that used to be considered clothing of summer residents - outfits made of cotton in a small and large flower - today is a hit of world catwalks. Moreover, the more flowers stand out on your dress, blouse or headdress, the more fashionable you become the upcoming summer.

Leading fashion houses of the world turn our attention to summer herbs and a riot of colors. All the greenery of meadows and the blue of the sky, all the shades of flowering field and garden plants - peonies, daisies, poppies, gardenias, lilies and forget-me-nots - are woven into original prints scattered across the lightest fabrics fluttering in the wind - cotton, linen, chiffon and organza ...

On evening toilets - flowers are voluminous, lush, multi-layered, jewelry - sparkling with all shades of the rainbow spectrum, thanks to semiprecious and precious stones, colored cloisonne enamel and multi-colored pearls.

Shoes and bags, both female and male, are a separate song altogether: birds of paradise, apple blossoms, hydrangeas, and bamboo overgrown on them. Ah, how dizzy! Decided, everything - to the garden!

Cherry from the apple tree ...

It is clear, like a day, that behind the lush spring flowering, the berry season comes. It is all the conceivable and inconceivable shades of summer berries and fruits that inspired designers to create original summer collections. Carefully looking at the models, you can see raspberries, and cherries, and plums, and fresh strawberries.

Juicy lemons, limes and grapefruits literally scattered on dresses and skirts are quite suitable for exotic lovers. Multilayer silhouettes and pure shades of summer fabrics will help slender beauties to work on the "shape of a pear" or "apple." For those who have something to hide from prying eyes, sophisticated silhouettes and graphic lines will help.

Small, medium and large peas do not leave summer dresses for several years in a row. There is something berry in them too. The crown number of the summer “berry-fruit” cocktail can be original clutches of round shape and bright colors, numerous hair ornaments, with large beads, flowers and buds woven into them. And the main hit is, of course, beads: "mountain ash" (although not, the time of this berry has not come yet), "pomegranate", "cherry". Then everything is in your hands! Do not forget about the delicate blush. He is so to your face!

Watercolors for men

Opening! Men are not alien to the sense of taste and style, and they, like ladies, love to dress fashionably and beautifully. How to be fashionable in any season and any weather? The main motto of this summer is do not give a chance to depression!

Of course, the king of this fashion season should be recognized as gray, and the main direction is the laconicism of forms. Gray is presented in all its shades, variations and textures. In addition, it is a very grateful background, favorably shading any other and emphasizing the originality of its use in the complex. White color is unbanal and relevant. And if white trousers are enough for only one way out, but the admiration of the fair sex, charmed by a daredevil, who, despite the weather, flaunts in white, more than compensates for the cost of dry cleaning.

The brightest trend of the summer is the red accent. Do not forget about the classic knitwear in green, pale blue and blue. Why miss the opportunity to emphasize the color of your eyes with clothes of the corresponding shade?

Wearing jeans in the summer should be with the same pleasure as before, only for a start it would be necessary to tear and bleach them properly. Denim patterns of varying degrees of wear and tear are welcome. But to look like a "bad slum boy" in these clothes is still not worth it, so worn jeans should be combined with a thin cashmere sweater. This is the "trick".

Another fashionable touch is bright prints on t-shirts, and the funnier the more fashionable. A sea of ​​flowers in watercolor shades on shoes, clothes, bags and accessories is also welcome. Use neon elements in your clothes (laces, stitches, stripes, sports accessories). If at this stage you consider that you are not attracting enough female attention, then your choice is the “Scottish” kilt. A man in a skirt will forever remain the most mysterious and incomprehensible in the world, besides, the eternal question: "What is under the skirt?" Will not bother anyone.

Accessories are of great importance! For the spring-summer season of 2011, designers offer, already traditional, large-sized bags; scarfs tied to the neck; aviator glasses, thin leather belts, as well as a variety of beads and bracelets. Washable tattoos from Louis Vuitton, with which you can decorate your own body depending on your mood, deserve special attention.

Summer for two

Nevertheless, summer is such a warm, affectionate and amazing time that most of us want to undress rather than get dressed. Especially if this is a vacation for two, under the rustle of waves somewhere in a wonderful resort .... In this story it becomes important what is worn under a new sundress, dress or capri pants. This, of course, is about beautiful and attractive underwear (where without it), and the most fashionable swimwear ...

The shorts-culottes became the real favorites of the spring-summer season, and the most visible change in the models happened with panties: the “tanga” and “thongs” are gone. The upper part of underwear has become more glamorous. Modern designers also use exquisite additions in the form of small details, as well as lace with a tattoo effect and a lot of tulle. In the manufacture of modern linen, nanotechnology is already used, so the fasteners become velvety, and the cups are double-layered. This allows you to hold and emphasize the shape!

Seamless products are very comfortable in the summer - this is a good choice as underwear for oneself. When choosing an intimate underwear “for him”, we focus primarily on our willingness to wear this or that outfit, and then on the taste of the one who will consider or remove all this! Linen "for him" is desirable to complement the peignoir of a light, almost transparent fabric. Indeed, according to the laws of beauty, a half-covered body always looks much more seductive than a naked one.

Also pay attention to extraordinary color schemes and high quality textiles. Among the obvious favorites - black, red and peach, floral prints and very feminine lines in a cut, both underwear and swimwear under the motto "Buy and seduce!".

Where can one buy? Chantelle, Princess Tam Tam, Simone Perele, Passionata, and other luxurious French lingerie collections can be found in the Galleries Lafayette's specialized department in Dubai Mall, as well as in signature mono boutiques.

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